Stewardship of Time and Resolutions in this New Year.

(the following was sent to Touchstone readers from the The Fellowship of St. James, Executive Director, James M Kushiner.  It is used with his permission)

Gym memberships and weight-contol products are hot items at the moment because of those annual resolutions many are tempted to make.

How about something different?  One resolution only:  Don’t ever give up on virtue and repentance and godly habits.  Everyday, make a new start.  When you fail, pick yourself up and try again.  And again.  Seek the Lord’s presence and help in time of need.  And whenever we fail is the time of need.  Apart from Him we can do nothing!  Learn that this year and we will go far.

Pray often and read the Bible everyday—and if you can’t acquire the habit, try it again, and again.  Don’t give up and say, I just can’t do it.  You can do it now.  One step at a time.  If you miss a day, don’t go back and try to make up for it.  Just start where you are today.  It is always Today, the day of our salvation.  It’s not down the road, it’s here, right now.  “The Lord is near."

Site Planning Update

Attached below you will find Concept A that the church voters approved to use on future expansion projects.

Concept A               

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